Adulation- Servile flattery; exaggerated and hypocritical praise

I can already feel the waves of eyes fixated on my being as I walked down the street. I never asked to be put here, nor would my cries be answered by anyone of any importance. Those who need almost never get what they want, and those who want never appreciate what they need. I almost laugh when I feel the thousands of eyes, the millions of minds, and the billions of ears that I reach with my childish games. Sometimes I wonder if I can even accept their feelings. Sometimes I wonder if anything that I do actually means anything. Sometimes I wonder if I can even call what I do an art form or mindless ramblings. Sometimes I wonder if I would have been happier not knowing. The world needs people caged up behind a dark echoing wall. I’m far too timid to receive such noise around my existence. I don’t need the lenses, the pens, or the mind of day to be given to me. I just wish to live in my own quite abode. And walking now, I begin to wonder if that possibility had ever been within my reality.


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