Affable- friendly, diffusing warmth

I didn’t know how long I ran, but at the end of it I was panting far too dangerously for me to not be worried about. I could barely stand, and the beating sun on my face didn’t do much to help me either. I felt my pulse enter and leave my being with every breath, and then, I felt a cold shock spring up my back. I jumped, and turned around to see her holding an iced water bottle. I sighed and then shrugged my shoulders. She smiled back and watched as I struggled to stand up straight. Once I did, she handed me the water bottle to which I accepted graciously. As I opened the cap and spilled the water into my mouth, I felt a sharp cold permeate my entire body, wrapping me in a blanket of frigid bliss. Then, she took me into her arms, bringing me back to a warmth to which I never knew could exist among the frigid winters. Her warmth was much more than that of the sun, and it was something I wanted much more than the sun. I smiled and brought my head to her hair. She smelled of flowers, of spring, of the rising warming sun. She asked me if her embrace had done the trick, and I answered aptly that it did. No matter where I would be, no matter how cold it got, I knew that she would always be there to show me otherwise. And I knew that what she did was no conjecture, rather, what she did was all out of volition to what her person was. In other words, it was not as if she did this just to me, but she did this to everyone else around her, sharing a sort of cordial nature to all whom she found. Even though I knew that much, I still couldn’t stop myself from thinking that we had something more than that, because I knew that we did, I desperately wanted that to be true.




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