Affable- friendly, diffusing warmth

I felt my pulse enter and leave my being with every breath. The sun didn’t do much to help. The winds were dry, cutting my face without worry. I felt a cold shock spring up my back. I jumped, and turned  to see her holding an iced water bottle. A sigh emerged. She smiled and watched as I struggled to stand. As I opened the cap and spilled the water into my mouth, I saw her in the corner, sneaking up to tip it over. I laughed first, tipping it anyway. It splashed onto her dress. I laughed harder. My hand found its way to her hair. My fingers ruffled strands of loose dark. She smelled of flowers. The grass beneath us danced in waves, scuffling at our ankles. Her eyes looked deep into mine. But as I brought my hand further down her hair, she stepped back. She widened her eyes for a moment, but then smiled lightly. Right. We were just friends. I ran in my mind the words she told me that day. That she would be as nice to me as she would anyone else. That I was just another one of her close friends. Right. I felt my pulse again. It wanted to burst with every breath. Beads of sweat began to form. They hid within my eyes.



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