Aggrandize- increase the power, status, or wealth of

I watched as a colony of ants scurried about in the dirt, displaced by a deceitful liquid concocted by what can only be described as a truly sinful human being. The man continually brought the liquid onto the ants and watched as they scattered in great panic and disorder. The man laughed and laugh to the point where he thought he could not laugh any louder at such an elated experience. When the man was out of the liquid, he took the bottle and scoffed. He scoffed and crunched the bottle in his hands and then left the ants to their own demise. One week later, the man would come back to see that the space had been completely cleared, and that his work to exterminate the ants had ended in great jest. The man laughed at that as well, and he laughed and his head grew and he laughed to the point where he could no longer laugh any more. Two weeks later, the man had come back with the same liquid to see if any new ants had made the land theirs, but he could not see any. He was disheartened by this revelation and even chose to oust it from his daily activities, refusing with the greatest contempt that he could not continue his farce. Three weeks later, he came back, desperate in trying to create upheaval in his own ego, but no ants were present on the land, and the man left in consternation. From then on, the man grew to be humble and gentle, he had no means to express his bouts of power and he had no means to express his inner vexations anymore. I remember those days as any other.



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