Blandishment: Flattery intended to persuade

I tried my best to wrap myself whole heartedly and half heartedly across his entire being. I needed every little second of everything that he could offer me for my poison to latch onto his spirits and suffocate it. I patiently await for my moment to permeate everything in me towards him so that I could get what I wanted. I needed to wrap him in my hands, to dangle him on strings, to show him that he was more than what he is, and then break him from within. It is a simple game of cat and mouse, the hunter and the prey, and he who stands before me is my prey. They soften at the lightest touch, they harden at the heaviest words, and they drip away all of that which makes them man for the tiniest of possibilities with that which makes them flicker. They tell me that man makes up the world, that all creation stems from the hand and wisdom of man, but if that were to be true than I would be hard pressed to consider the world already doomed. If woman is nothing but a pawn for man, then why is it that man can fall quicker by the hands of woman than weapons of nuclear destruction. To express my thoughts and pleas I can have the entire world, only if I have a man. All I need are for my words to be dipped in sweet poison honey, and even if my request is to kill a man, they will fall within my hands.


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