Contrite: Feeling or expressing remorse

I lifted the veil from my face and watched as the world around me became tumbling. Everything that I ever knew or loved became dust with the blink of an eye, and there was nothing that I could do to stop the transmutation of the world. If I focused and looked ahead to what was happening I could see with intensity the beauty of the world being turned into tumultuous rabble. Everything that I had ever hoped for and everything that I ever worked for came crashing down in front of me, and yet the only thing I could do was watch. I couldn’t move a single muscle nor could I speak a single word to tell it to stop. I could only watch, and watch as I did as the veil over my face left my eyes and fluttered into the wind. If only for a second I would be given the chance to place my veil over my face and be unknowing to the happenings of the world, I would do so. If only for a second I could go back to right my wrongs and to see to it that the world ending not be filled with pain then I would do so. But as I see it now, it is but a scene ripe from a fairy tale. An unbelievable scene, and I watch as the world around me comes to a burning halt. I watch and wonder, whether that veil would have been a better protector than the truth.


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