Descry: Catch sight of

I mounted the scope back onto the top of my rifle and peered back into the desecrated building. I’d been watching the same spot for nearly an hour, knowing that if I were to look away for longer than a minute that I’d have a bullet lodged somewhere in the back of my head. The smoke permeating the area around me had more than dissipated, and any troops from the axis that were to find their way in through the rubble would surely be able to spot me. I prayed that I would see them first before they had a chance to lodge a bullet in me. I prayed that the enemy I had scouted for the past hour would peek their head. I prayed that I would be able to go home. I knew that the moment I saw any movement through my scope that the finger on the trigger would instinctually pull back and let roar the tides of war. A puff of black would emit and give away my position, and a large boom would alert all those who still remain alive from the mortar. Most of all, if I had missed, he would know exactly where to pin me down. I took a deep breath in jest of my heightened heartrate, and reached into my back pocket where a thin needle presided. I squeezed a little out such that I knew there was some left, and jabbed the needle into my leg. My entire body twitched for a second, but then relaxed. I let my muscles loose, and I trained my eyes back onto the opposing window. All it took was a single movement, a single speck of anything, and I would let loose a bullet. I prayed to god that I would not see anyone today.


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