Deleterious: Harmful to living things

My very existence is detested. Some may find me repulsive at times, and others, a breath of solace. Those who come within my volition may sometimes speak with contrite, and others may bathe in the fates that they have been laid with. Either way, it is quite imperative to label me as an erudite of miasma, a sea of salt, or the dark powder that has ended and created nations. My mere existence has been questioned by all of humanity at one point in their lives, and as I insidiously encroach into society I have become deadlier than all other mortal sins. I await all of which at one point in their lives, I am an inescapable interminable idolization of all that which men fear. I am nothing without men, and at the same time, I make men nothing. Some people may choose to ignore me, to forget about me till the time of their ends, and others yet still remember me even in the lightest of hours. They contemplate about me, they want to stop me, and they seek out heinous methods to prolong my inevitability undeniably. Such notions are all for naught, for I am not something to discard nor regret. I am integral within all that is living, and to embrace that is to call me irrelevant. Such a fate is fitting for me. I deserve to be forgotten, but to be forgotten is not sad. To be forgotten means to have one’s impact on another erased. To have had such a profound impact on all of which makes up humanity is flattering to a mere by-product of living. I’d much rather be forgotten than detested. At least then, waiting for them wouldn’t be so bad.De


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