Ebullient: Joyously unrestrained

After breaking out of the room that restrained me, a gust of unimaginable elation showered me. I moved my hands to my side, my feet forward and back many paces, and my eyes were not bled into a shadow that could not break any light. My eyes were open, to all the lights of the world, and with every wave that was being absorbed by my small retinas, another world emerged. I could do absolutely anything in the world, and yet, with my unknowing knowledge, with my boundless void of nothingness that was my brain, I could do nothing. Despite the chains of brevity being latched onto my soul for only a brief portion of my escape, everything around me feels fleeting. The world is so vast, too vast, that I can only ever come to see it as too fast. No matter how much I longed to escape, and no matter how joyous I was to have reached the upper world, the greater world, to feel the breeze of indignation towards those who do not know, I still could not do anything. My world was opened into a diaspora of everything that I could not reach into. It was a diaspora that dangled on my neck, and threatened to snap it. I was over elated, too elated, too inflated in the emotions that ran through my head, that I simply stood there, unable to do anything.


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