Extol: Praise, glorify, or honor

Upon reaching this new world, I have traveled far from the room in which I was encased in. I have no bearings as to where I am, or where I should go. I simply tread along the path that has been laid with grey, away from the fields of green that permeates most of the land of this greater world. I travel with the grey until finally hearing sounds of other humans. It is a strange chanting like sound that emanates in the air, and I follow it until finally seeing a pool of naked men gathered in what seems to be a fire pit. All the men wear short cloths that cover some of their legs and lower abdomen. They appear to have smeared red paint all over their faces and body, and upon getting closer I see a man in the middle being seared.  They are all chanting, walking in circles as the man screams in agony. The men surrounding don’t seem at all jaded by what seems to be a horrendous experience, rather, they raise their hands and continue their chanting. Some men even smile and laugh. I feel the danger bellow to my stomach, and I pace back. One of the men spot me, and I run.


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