Farcial: Broadly or extravagantly humorous

They asked me whether  I was one of them or not, they asked me with all of their energy whether a being such as myself was capable of even being called one of them. They called to me as they gasped for their last breath, and they desperately wished to know whether I would be referred to as one of them, or a monster without a name.  I laughed far too loud and far too long, but I laughed at the sentiment nonetheless. Those people who were ever so filled with their empty pleas and meaningless dribble were nonetheless entertaining, and it was a shame that their lives had to be taken away from them. They did not know whether I was one of them, or whether I was of inhumane nature, they did not know and yet they had lived with me for the duration of my birth and they have talked to me and they have cared for me. And yet, upon the last few breaths of their life, they cannot tell me whether I am one of them or not. Upon their eyes soaked with blood they fail to see what’s in front of them, their vision is clouded, blurred by their fear. It makes me burst into laughter.


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