Gaffe: A socially awkward or tactless act

I was walking on a street one day, when I noticed that someone had dropped their wallet. In any circumstance, I would have went up to pick up that wallet, and give it back to them. In any circumstance, that would have been the socially accepted method of being the opposite of a poor citizen. In any circumstance, if one were not a thief, that would have been what one would have done. It seems like pointless drivel to even continue on with what has happened, to say why I did pick up the wallet. In fact, that is pointless drivel. But I am saying, with all of what I have, that I did not pick up the wallet. I was walking on the street one day, when I noticed that someone had dropped their wallet. Except, the wallet that had dropped, was open. And so when I walked by, I noticed that the man who dropped the wallet was not same person as the woman’s picture of the license that was splayed open for me. In fact, they could not have been related at all, since the man who walked by was of a different color than the picture. And yes, that is a poor excuse to judge character, but the woman was near death, and the man, just been born. The differences to me were much too glaring for me to say mere familial relations, and perhaps it still could have been, but I doubted the idea. Instead, I called on the man, told him that he had dropped the wallet, in which he responded with eyes the size of moons and shook his head, a sliver of sweat forming on his head.


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