Heterodox: Characterized by departure from accepted standards

They told me to bury the hatchet. But I didn’t believe in humanitarian methods of doing things. Why bury the hatchet, when the hatchet could be used for much more. And so I didn’t. I brought the results of my hatchet up to my front door, and displayed it for everyone to see. They at first thought I was crazy, that I was eccentric. They didn’t realize just what exactly I was displaying, they didn’t realize the validity of it, couldn’t. And so I continued. I used the hatchet I refused to bury, and continued to decorate my front door with things of my turmoil. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed doing it with all my volition and displayed the scalped heads of war to all who pass by.  I could not see any other way to do so, to express my love for the hatchet that has brought me so much content in so short of a time. To those that still partake in burying such a wonderful tool, I implore them to try the opposite. To not bury the hatchet, but to continuously ensnare the hatchet between the tendons until nothing is left.


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