Xiphoid: Shaped like a sword

What you’re holding there, it’s quite shaped like a sword, don’t you think? What? This?  Precisely. And can you tell me why this is shaped like a sword? I mean clearly this isn’t anything sword-like. And for that matter, what do you even consider sword-like? If you touch its edge, what happens? Do you not get harmed from its sharpness? I suppose so. It’s edge is quite dangerous. If I’m not careful, I’ll be stung from its tact. And even if I am careful, I still need my wits about me. And if you turn it in your hands, does it not glint in the sun’s chagrin? That it does very well. The more I turn, the more it shines and blinds all who are not prepared. And almost everyone is not prepared. They will be captivated by its likeness to holy scripture and want to join the light. And when it gets dull, do you not sharpen it to keep its edge? That I do. The more I use this the duller it becomes. Once sharpened, it becomes even greater than before. And it has killed more than you can count? It’s consumed more than I could ever fathom in my life time. Have you not described to me a sword? Though perhaps not a sword in material, I can see your point. What I am holding in my hand is no sword, and yet it is so very sword-like.


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