Yonder: Distant but within sight

Everyone has a dream. I won’t believe otherwise. I don’t think I’d ever be able to find someone who can honestly tell me, with all of their strength, with all of the courage in their body, “I don’t want to do anything.” Otherwise, they’d already be dead. Sure enough, knowing that, it means that people aren’t aware of their dreams. If they were aware of their dreams, they wouldn’t give me that answer. And if they weren’t, they would. They’d go on their lives thinking they had no reason or mantra to live by. They’d go on their lives telling everyone just how miserable they are living in a warm home eating hot food, drinking safe water, breathing clean air. They’d wallow in the first world. And it takes courage to realize that. Not many people are courageous. Once their minds are set on allowing themselves this condition of depression, they never want to leave. They’ve found their own bubble. They’ve encased themselves in a pit without light. It sounds strange, inane even. And it’s not their fault that they find themselves in these shells. It’s just how they are. It’s hard to change when you’ve already been so comfortable being so miserable. It takes courage to change. But change is always with us. Our dreams, and our feelings never leave us. Why would they? It’s not that they’ve never been there, as some claim. It’s always been with us, always been in front of us. But people often choose to have it be a thousand miles, and a million days away.


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