Zenith: An imaginary point directly above a location

I can’t imagine where I’ll be in ten years. You can’t? No, can you? I can’t. I can’t imagine where I’ll be in ten years, but don’t you think it’s fun to anyway? Sparks my interest, sure. What do you have in mind? In ten years time, I think we’ll still be here. You think we’ll still be on top of our high school roof? We’d be long graduated, probably in another country. I know I’ll be. Fine, you might leave the country, but you’ll come back. No, maybe I’ll find my dream job outside of this hell hole. Maybe I’ll settle down with a nice man, have two children. No. You’ll be right here. You’ll find your way back eventually. You’ll take a vacation. You won’t have two children. This is why no one likes you. You’re still talking to me….Then what? No matter where you go, you find yourself back here. You don’t know why. I really wouldn’t. But your feet drag you here. Almost like a magnet, as if you were born to stay here. And you’re happy to find yourself back here. It clears your mind and you don’t know why. Now wouldn’t that be a fine thing to have. You know what you just described? A home. So what about you? Where will you be in ten years? Well, I guess that’s for you to decide. My turn, huh? Okay, let’s give it a shot. You’ll be right here, lying down and watching the clouds. Oh yeah? And you’ll be happy. All your worries and pain will go away as your eyes watch those white fluffs. This is your home after all. This is where you belong.


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