Jejune: Lacking interest or significance or impact

When I woke up from that cave I noticed that the man had left. His tale stuff with me all throughout the night, but despite that I still had no intention of pursuing more about this country. The rain had stopped, and before leaving I made sure to listen for the bushes. The Court Guards aren’t that fickle that they’ll stop just because of a little drench. They’ll still be looking for me, and the only thing I can do in this situation is move by way to the western side of the country, where The Angel’s Archers territory is located. They much like me are a group of people based solely on self gain. They’ll bend the rules and twist words such that they can look better. I said I didn’t care for the origin of our country, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know a thing or two about where I’m living in. At least, that’s all the knowledge I can care for. Knowing where you live is half the battle after all. I made sure that the sack of gold and diamond was still on my person. It was. I could buy two farms with what I had on me, but that wasn’t my intention. I checked the dagger to my side, and then left the cave opening, heading for west. The man had long gone and I didn’t give him much heed either. Much things in this country¬† were of little significance to me. All I knew was that I was alive, and that I wanted to be alive for a little longer. I had my reasons, my people as well. But, even thinking of that on the run would only slow me down. All I had right now was me.