Ken: Range of what one can know or understand

I stepped into the room with a single bound. My step illuminated the vicinity, protruding every wall that housed the knowledge of the world. Within each crevice, within every narrow passage that existed in this chamber was a sliver of knowledge that had been extracted from the annals of man. If a single flame were to go off in this chamber, then all of which humanly known will be set ablaze. All of which, will be turned to ash and sent back to the earth from whence it came. I took another step, and focused on the muffling of my vision. As each tome of knowledge absorbs my step, the light within me slowly dissipates. I take another step, and another, until finally all light had been snuffed out by the knowledge of men. I then reach over to my side and graze the spine of man’s fruit. I extract it from the shelf and open it, peering my hand over the words. They are written beautifully. And yet, such destruction abound in beauty is almost too saddening for me to bear. It is without impunity that I declare now that I have absorbed every tome within this chamber. Without a doubt, all of which humanly known is within me, and within these tomes. All of which unknown has been cast alight in this chamber. And yet, the knowledge of myself, the knowledge of the mortal container that holds me is but unknown. I place the book back into its place. No matter how much has been written, humans are innately selfish creatures, but also very prideful creatures. Why outline the meek and pitiful existence of themselves, when they can outline others.