Ikigai (Japanese): A reason to get up in the morning, a reason to live.

It can be anything really. Nothing big needs to be had, just, at least, have something. For example: feeding your kids. Okay, maybe that’s jumping the gun. If you’re here, and you don’t know how to get there, maybe you don’t have kids. Maybe you never will. That’s fine. So if you don’t have someone else to provide for, why not, choose yourself? That’s too hard for you? Okay, what about saving up for a new…car or phone, or that interesting book that you know you’ll never read, but will keep your desk warm. Anything really. Something that can make you more than just the letters sprawled out in your name. Really, nothing big needs to be had, just anything. Something. Everyone needs something. Otherwise, can you really say you’re living? I mean, sure you can, but there’s a difference between living and being alive. And there’s a difference between being happy from the thought of going from today to tomorrow and being happy from forgetting that today eventually becomes tomorrow. Unless you really want to live mechanically, ticking away with rusted gears, until oil stops fueling you, then don’t have anything, but when you decide to find something, life will always be there waiting.



Curhat(Indonesian): To share one’s story, the pouring of one’s heart, a casual act of opening up.

“And so, there we were, on the edge of knowing what a life together would be like, and you know what?”


“That’s when he starts talking about some lady he’d been eyeing ever since we got out of the store!”

Was there something on her face?


Was she… Wearing some strange outfit, or talking to herself, or is he a medium? Maybe she was possessed by the ghost of her grandmother, or father, or, just a ghost. Maybe he was worried that she’d be sucked into –

“I called to give you a story.”

It doesn’t sound like it’s going to be pleasant.

“It isn’t.”

Well, if it’s going to be like that, then I’m going to try my best to lighten the mood. I don’t want to sit here and give you a pity party.

“That’s not what I’m asking for.”

Well if it’s not, then let’s have some fun.


What? Not serious enough for you? If he’s going to be eyeing other women when he’s got you, then you’ve got to lighten up too. If he’s not serious, then why should you?

“That’s…something I figured you’d come up with.”

I’m not sure what kind of impression you have of me.

“Well, you’re the type of person I’d call.”

Fair enough. So, it was a ghost right?

“How do you think it died?”


Quincena(Spanish): A period of 15 days, usually attributed to wage payments.

“I’ll see you in a fortnight and a bit.”

That sure is a mouthful, isn’t there a better way to word that? I mean, who even uses fortnight anymore?

“I’m sure someone out there does. It’s convenient, right?”

A fortnight is fourteen days. Which is also two weeks. I’d wager most people don’t know what a fortnight is.

            “But isn’t that something we’ve all encountered before? I mean, it’s Shakespearean, right? That’s like, mandatory reading.”

Mandatory if you went to school. If you say two weeks, and you don’t know what a week is, then I’d have trouble speaking to you. Isn’t that just the natural go-to? Why start with fortnight?

             “But doesn’t saying fortnight just sound –”

Pretentious? Yeah, it does.

            “Not pretentious, just, a bit better than ‘I’ll see you in two weeks’, doesn’t roll off the tongue.”

I’ll see you in a fortnight and a bit doesn’t either.

“Well, I don’t want to be factually inaccurate and say two weeks when in fact its fifteen days.”

Who cares.

             “You should. You were late today because I said we were meeting again at noon. You didn’t know what noon actually meant and –”

Okay buddy, I get it. We’re meeting in a fortnight and a bit. Happy?



Quaff: To swallow hurriedly or greedily or in one draught

There wasn’t any room for mistake, and there sure as hell wasn’t any room to wait. My boys behind me were clattering there feet to and fro the counter and to the car we had parked just out the door. We blew the cameras out first thing we got in, and checked the entire premise for any loose guards. It was like stealing candy from a baby, except, there was no joy in seeing anyone cry. The night was going to be a long one and the city seemed to be in a deep sleep. We had finally hit a gold mine, except there was no room for mistake, or to wait, and yet, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the manager’s forgotten sandwich just sitting at the counter. Everyone told me to hurry on with it and to start moving green, but, I hadn’t eaten dinner in preparation to the hit. I was chosen to stake out the place, and, to be frank, I wished I had eaten steak. It gnawed at me the entire day, the manager left his food on the counter, and never returned to get it. And, standing face to face with it then, it took every ounce of my will power to stave off that temptation. The thing is, we were flawless in what we did. We pick locked the doors, shot out the cameras, and we’re all fitted in black masks and gloves. We’re practically untraceable, not a single hair in sight. But the moment I go for that sandwich, I know I’ll lose myself and I’ll blow our cover. And so, as we were leaving the store, I grabbed the damn sandwich, ran out of the store as fast as I could and wolfed the bloody thing down in a single chew. Hardest job of my life.


Obfuscate: Make obscure or unclear

What did he say? You don’t know? Why don’t you know?  You can’t say? Is it good? Or is it bad? You don’t know? Well, is it good in terms of the situation? Good? Then that’s good. But it still isn’t that good, right? I guess not. It’s pretty bad then, if he can’t stand up. His legs? Oh yeah…And his arms too right? I don’t know, it was pretty dark out. Lights? Out. Twenty, twenty five, yeah, something like that. Drunk? Not really, it was a hour on the dot, I watched the hand. Yeah, the other man bit the dust. He was going fifty-five, drunk as all hell. To the left, we dodged a bullet but ate a rock. It’s fine, no need, you said it’s good right? Yeah, I mean, we probably don’t need to worry about that. I contacted them, they’re more worried about this than the war. I know, thank god. Do you know when he’ll be able to move? I guess not.


Noetic: Of or associated with or requiring the use of the mind

Do you know why gods exist? What do you mean? I mean why religion exists, why we create gods and why we choose to believe in them. I’ve never been one for religion, so I can’t really say. Well, let me tell you something then. Gods exist because we exist, sound simple enough? Yeah, I’d say that’s common sense. Well, then how about this, god exists because we require someone to lead us. Okay, I mean that also makes sense. Now consider this, god exists because we not only require someone to lead us, we require someone to give us faith. Sure, faith is a good thing. Right, faith is a really good thing, but why god? Why god? Yeah, why did we go towards a being that we can’t see or feel, a being that is magical, and not something normal? Normal? Yeah, like crops, or animals. Crops and animals are part of religious ceremony yes, but gods are always attached. Exactly, we give our offerings, we give what we make to people who we create in our heads. Well, it’s not like we give a lot. You’re right, we only offer a little of what we make so that we can survive, but let me ask you one more thing. Okay. If there was a god, then why hasn’t he shown us any appreciation? Well, that’s just semantics. For all we know, our gods are our kings, presidents and queens, and yet we treat them as poorly as we do our criminals. I mean, that’s an exaggeration. It’s not an exaggeration when we can barely stand who rules over us, our bosses, our parents, is it not the same?


Lackadaisical: Lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy              

I sat watching as the end of the world heralded a new beginning. Everything was in flames while I sat miles away in a place unreachable by those flames. Everything was coming to an end before me, and yet that thought gave me immeasurable apathy. I saw to it that everything  about this world would burn up to ash and everything new would be born from those ashes. However, if I continued to stay where I was, watching as the world burned away before me in my own enclave, that resurrection would never occur. The world needed me to burn with it, the world needed me to be a part of that blazing glory. I didn’t care for the world. And so the world around me will continue to burn and light aflame, and the ashes that remain, will be left for the elements.


Jejune: Lacking interest or significance or impact

When I woke up from that cave I noticed that the man had left. His tale stuff with me all throughout the night, but despite that I still had no intention of pursuing more about this country. The rain had stopped, and before leaving I made sure to listen for the bushes. The Court Guards aren’t that fickle that they’ll stop just because of a little drench. They’ll still be looking for me, and the only thing I can do in this situation is move by way to the western side of the country, where The Angel’s Archers territory is located. They much like me are a group of people based solely on self gain. They’ll bend the rules and twist words such that they can look better. I said I didn’t care for the origin of our country, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know a thing or two about where I’m living in. At least, that’s all the knowledge I can care for. Knowing where you live is half the battle after all. I made sure that the sack of gold and diamond was still on my person. It was. I could buy two farms with what I had on me, but that wasn’t my intention. I checked the dagger to my side, and then left the cave opening, heading for west. The man had long gone and I didn’t give him much heed either. Much things in this country  were of little significance to me. All I knew was that I was alive, and that I wanted to be alive for a little longer. I had my reasons, my people as well. But, even thinking of that on the run would only slow me down. All I had right now was me.


Gaffe: A socially awkward or tactless act

I was walking on a street one day, when I noticed that someone had dropped their wallet. In any circumstance, I would have went up to pick up that wallet, and give it back to them. In any circumstance, that would have been the socially accepted method of being the opposite of a poor citizen. In any circumstance, if one were not a thief, that would have been what one would have done. It seems like pointless drivel to even continue on with what has happened, to say why I did pick up the wallet. In fact, that is pointless drivel. But I am saying, with all of what I have, that I did not pick up the wallet. I was walking on the street one day, when I noticed that someone had dropped their wallet. Except, the wallet that had dropped, was open. And so when I walked by, I noticed that the man who dropped the wallet was not same person as the woman’s picture of the license that was splayed open for me. In fact, they could not have been related at all, since the man who walked by was of a different color than the picture. And yes, that is a poor excuse to judge character, but the woman was near death, and the man, just been born. The differences to me were much too glaring for me to say mere familial relations, and perhaps it still could have been, but I doubted the idea. Instead, I called on the man, told him that he had dropped the wallet, in which he responded with eyes the size of moons and shook his head, a sliver of sweat forming on his head.